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Clinton releases more medical info after pneumonia diagnosis

Hillary Clinton leaves her daughter Chelsea’s home in New York, New York, United States

New York (Telephost) - Hillary Clinton’s campaign released an updated letter from her doctor Wednesday, following her disclosure over the weekend that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia.

Her physician Lisa Bardack wrote that Clinton’s pneumonia was mild, non-contagious and bacterial, and diagnosed by a CT scan Friday. She is taking the antibiotic Levaquin for the middle lobe pneumonia. “The remainder of her complete physical exam was normal and she is in excellent mental condition,” Bardack wrote.

Bardack also disclosed that Clinton had an ear infection last January, and is taking medication for her hypothyroidism. The candidate is also taking Coumadin. “My overall impression is that Mrs. Clinton has remained healthy and has not developed new medical conditions this year other than a sinus and ear infection and her recently diagnosed pneumonia,” Bardack said. “She is recovering well with antibiotics and rest. She continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as president of the United States.”

Clinton’s blood pressure is 100/70 and her cholesterol level is 189.

Clinton’s health has been in the spotlight since she abruptly departed a 9/11 memorial service downtown Sunday and video emerged of her stumbling and needing to be helped by several people to get into her waiting van.

Hours later, the campaign said she had been diagnosed with pneumonia the previous Friday and got overheated and dehydrated at the event. She and her aides later said Clinton didn’t faint, but became “dizzy” and recovered once inside the van. Bardack’s letter reveals that Clinton first started feeling ill more than a week before that, on Sept. 2, and was put on a short course of antibiotics.

Clinton has been staying at home since Sunday, canceling fundraisers and campaign events in California and Nevada to rest under doctor’s orders. She hits the trail again Thursday, with a rally in Greensboro, N.C. and a Congressional Hispanic Caucus event in Washington, D.C.

Clinton previously released a two-page doctor’s letter that declared her in excellent health, and detailed her previous health issues, including a concussion in 2012 that led to the discovery of a blood clot. (She suffered the concussion after becoming dehydrated from the stomach flu and fainting.)

Her letter is far more detailed than the one Donald Trump released, which does not include the GOP nominee’s blood pressure, among other things, and was written in five minutes, according to Trump’s own doctor.

Trump taped an episode of Dr. Oz, airing Thursday, where he reportedly revealed more health information about himself, including his weight and testosterone levels. It’s unclear if his campaign will release the records to the public.
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