Michelle Obama And Ellen DeGeneres Get Into All Kinds Of Trouble Shopping

Ellen and Michelle take CVS.

Washington (Telephost) - Michelle Obama spoke about what she’ll miss the most when she and her family leave the White House during appearance on “Ellen” Tuesday.

To help the first lady get used to normal life again, DeGeneres decided to take Obama down to a CVS in a clip aired Wednesday to make sure she still knows how to use coupons, turn coins into cash with Coinstar and, of course, push a shopping cart around.

“You push the basket because nobody’s going to push it for you,” the comedian says before the pair begin their shopping adventure.

DeGeneres soon gets into a little trouble for scratching the first lady with a backscratcher a little too long and using a megaphone to make a store-wide announcement that her friend, “Shelly,” needs cream for her rash.

“This is not how you behave in a CVS,” Obama says, laughing.

Things only get better when the first lady discovers boxed wine and begins drinking it with fellow shoppers.

Watch the rest of DeGeneres’ and Obama’s big shopping trip above.
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